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About Wakayama Knit

Wakayama is a major area for the production of textile products in Japan.

Companies in Wakayama


Morishita Knitting Factory

Morishita Knitting Factory researches, develops, produces and markets original ...


Our Aim:To bring out the best in the materials and convey its full value.Backed...


Hanwa Co., Ltd. is located in Wakayama City, an established production center o...

Industrial Tour



Wakayama Knit companies welcome factory tours by companies or school.
The textile industry is one of the leading industry groups in Wakayama and 40% of circular knits manufactured in Japan are produced in Wakayama.
Please feel free to ask us through 'Inquiry' if you are interested.
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Wakayama Knit Association
36 Bokuhancho Wakayama JAPAN 640-8045
TEL : (+81) 73-422-0470
FAX : (+81) 73-422-0682

["JKW" WA Knit made in WAKAYAMA, Japan] is a Japan brand project by the Wakayama Knit Association.

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